Busy bees!

Today we started to prepare for our party on Wednesday! In our funky fingers area we are making daisy chains. We are exploring patterns and measuring who’s chain is the longest. We really enjoyed this activity and have made some very long chains!

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Outdoor maths

We had lots of fun outside this afternoon. We played dominos matching numbers and using our reasoning skills. We played hopscotch and practiced writing numbers. We counted the numbers on the floor and Xavier even counted in twos! Amazing!

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Well done to this weeks smartie pants Alisha and Amaya! Great work this week girls ☺️

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This weeks blog challenge

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We have had a fantastic first trip to the forest

First Gilly introduced us to her dragon friend who came with us to the forest. We can’t be too loud or we will scare him. He had a good sniff of us all and said he likes us a lot!

Then we went and explored the forest. We went on bug hunts and found slugs, centipedes, wood lice and beetles. We even found some slug eggs!

We used the crates to make a car!

We learnt how to be safe around the fire and Gilly toasted some marshmallows

Then we ate them up. They were delicious. We were careful and made sure we blew the, first so they were not too hot!

What a fantastic morning!!

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Today Lexi persevered to correctly order the numbers to 10! Well done Lexi! She was very proud of herself. 

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Outdoor learning environment.

Today we explored the den making and water area. The children stretched their imagination and making links muscle to imagine what they would want the den to be if they could change it. They used ideas from storied they had heard when discussing this.

In the water are they explored the concept of full and empty also transporting water in different ways.  Water is a great way to practice number and letter formation aswell as Zara and Dacey are showing.


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Monika, Amilia and Lexi had a great afternoon in the mud kitchen making food for our alien visitor this morning!

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Well done Blake for eating all your dinner today! Keep it up! I bet mummy is very proud :)

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Well done to this weeks smarty pants Selma and McKenzie

Keep up the good work and positive attitude!

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